My name is Valentin CHEVALIER. I’m a UX/UI Designer based in Lyon (France).  I’m passionate about transforming tricky problems into engaging solutions to create meaningful designs that endure. Currently building user experience at StudioLabs.

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Matthieu De Luze

" Valentin first participated in the creation of UI Designs and then UX prototypes. Through the quality of his work and his strength of proposal, he quickly took the role of Lead. He was thus the guarantor of the respect of best practices in terms of user experience as well as the creator of the logos, fonts and complete graphic charter of many mobile and web applications. Among other things, he directed the design of a UX and UI Design System which became a reference and which was then enriched by his work and that of the other Designers in the team.
Valentin has taken on many challenges both creatively and in the search for the best possible user experience.
In addition, Valentin has always been available and has demonstrated a communicative enthusiasm on a daily basis. It is a pleasure to work with him and we will be delighted to welcome him back. "


Laure Audigier

" I managed several projects for which Valentin was in charge of the UX and UI design and realization part. On each project Valentin impressed me by the maturity of his work. He is an asset for ambitious and creative projects, he offers valuable advice and brings the right solutions to project issues. His expertise and interpersonal skills make him a competent collaborator that I will recommend without hesitation. "

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Studiolabs is a remote community of freelancers who believe that innovation and entrepreneurship are the keys to building the companies of tomorrow.We help entrepreneurs to easily create the products of tomorrow through our network of freelancers and innovative methods.

Our open and decentralized organization allows us to provide on-demand development to companies that do not have the skills to develop their applications.

We implement and refine our work methodologies on a daily basis to best meet the needs of our clients. We use many tools to facilitate remote collaboration: Slack, Trello, Zeplin or Sketch Cloud.




Matthieu De Luze

I would especially like to thank Matthieu De Luze (Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer) for his trust. His expertise and his constant attentiveness to his collaborators are very appreciable strengths in our collaboration. As the projects progressed, a climate of trust was born and I can never thank him enough for the opportunities he gave me. Thanks to him, I have been able to put my expertise into practice and carry out a multitude of projects, all as rich professionally as personally.

Eliot Besson

I also thank my working partner and friend: Eliot Besson (Freelance UX/UI Designer). We have been working together professionally for more than 4 years now. It's a real chance to have him by my side: he is always good advice thanks to his expertise that is as sharp as it is admirable. I can easily argue that without him, I would not be where I am today both professionally and personally. I would therefore like to acknowledge his confidence, his constant benevolence and all that he was able to teach me.


Laure Audigier

Finally, I would like to thank Laure Audigier (digital project manager at StudioLabs). Her good mood is always there, coupled with her expertise which is no longer to be proven. It is a real pleasure to collaborate with her. During the various projects that I have been able to carry out with Laure, she has always played a crucial role in the evolution of the project by being a guarantor of customer needs. I would like to thank her for her trust, professionalism and benevolence within our collaboration.


It doesn't have to be finished between us !