Écran du projet Molitor montrant l'interface de l'application pour accéder à son profil

Guests of the famous Parisian hotel Molitor can organize their entire stay using this application.






UX Designer


Creating an application which allows the guests of the famous Parisian Molitor hotel to organize their entire stay.




This famous resort with its history and fame, has the chance to accommodate guests from all over the world. They can have all types of requests and the aim is to respond as quickly as possible and in the best possible way.

The issue, which is big, is therefore to improve all the services offered by the hotel by offering a direct interconnection between the staff and the clientele in order to maintain the quality of the current service while strengthening the hotel's reputation.


Illustration du persona "client" du projet Molitor

As a client, how can I organize my days and book services regardless of time or location?

Employee / administrator

Illustration du persona "administrateur" du projet Molitor

As an employee of Molitor, how can you be informed of all the needs of each client in order to meet them as quickly as possible and in the best possible way?




During this phase, the purpose is to generate as many ideas as possible in order to prioritize them and then translate them into wireframes. It also allows us to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are considered, while at the same time grasp their potential frustrations.

Exemple of a simplified Flow chart

Goal - Book a table in a restaurant

Flow chart simplifié du parcours utilisateur pour réserver un lavage



We have therefore thought about how to make all the services offered by the hotel accessible so that guests can find what they are looking for in just a few clicks. Finally, the challenge here was to offer one more service to these clients, but not to encroach on the human relationship they may initially enjoy with the staff.

Experience map to generate journeys

Image montrant quelques wireframes réalisés durant le projet Molitor



In order to maintain the quality of the current service, we have decided to put transparency of information and customization at the heart of our thinking. This translates into in-depth information for each service, suggestions of services and slots individualized to the client or the possibility of being informed in real time of upcoming events.

In short, a set of functionalities to best satisfy the tourists while ensuring simple and efficient management for the staff. The latter can use its backoffice to suggest customers services that will be adapted to them or to have an overview of its entire activity.

Transparency and communication

Selection of interfaces

For the users

Ensemble d'interfaces finales représentant l'application Molitor



To be honest, I had trouble with the graphic guidelines validated by the client. I therefore learned to work with elements that were not to my liking, but in the end, the primary objective is to offer a user experience that is best suited to all types of customer requests in order to make their stay easier. Together with my colleagues, we have always thought along these lines and I thank them for this wonderful collaboration !

Thanks to Molitor for his trust