Écran du projet iZclean montrant l'interface de l'application pour réserver un wash

Izicamp is the Airbnb of camping. This platform allows you to book your vacations by choosing an accommodation from a private owner or a campsite. Izicamp also takes care of the management of the properties that are assigned to them.






Lead UX/UI Designer


In view of their growth and high demand, they contacted us to reimagine their platform and facilitate the booking of a stay. The objective was to design interfaces accessible to all in order to find and book an accommodation in just a few clicks, all in a climate of trust.




Izicamp's primary target is a holidaymaker looking for a stay in a campsite. The latter must feel confident while browsing to finalize his reservation. They also need to be able to find the right accommodation with multiple search options. Finally, they must be able to manage their reservations easily and at all times when interacting with Izicamp

The platform must seduce the landlords: both, the individuals owning a mobile home but also the campsites. It is thanks to them that stays can be proposed. Thanks to the latter, Izicamp can offer additional services such as the possibility to choose a specific location within a campsite or a particular activity during the stay.  

We worked closely with the Izicamp teams: developers, sales and marketing staff. The goal was to make sure that everyone could find their way around the user experience offered on the platform and in its administration.


Illustration représentant le persona utilisateur de l'application iZclean

As a vacationer, how can I easily find a stay with confidence?


Illustration représentant le persona washer de l'application iZclean

As a landlord, how can I be sure that I am getting good service from Izicamp?


Illustration représentant le persona administrateur de l'application iZclean

As an administrator, how can I control my entire business ? How do I ensure that all interested parties can benefit from using Izicamp ?




Izicamp came to us with an existing graphic identity. Their wish was to keep their logo and to make their orange one evolve! As for the typefaces, they wanted the user to be able to easily read the information offered. We decided on Poppins and Open Sans, both classic but above all very accessible. The combination of the two allowed us to play on their fatness to be able to emphasize this or that information easily.


Preview of colors and fonts

Flow chart simplifié du parcours utilisateur pour réserver un lavage



During this phase, we carried out many iterations around the process of searching for a stay. We wanted to offer a multitude of possibilities to the user to facilitate his search for a stay. This search can be done in a classic way: by destination, number of travelers and dates. But the user can also search by experience, by type of accommodation, by the community's favorites, etc.

The challenge was to think about all the navigation scenarios and to implement them in a homogeneous and coherent way. The watchword was: accessibility!

search modes

Selection of interfaces

Search modes

Écran mobile d'Izicamp et sa section de recherche "explorez le monde" et "offres du jour"
Écran mobile d'Izicamp et sa section de recherche "vivez des expériences"
Écran mobile d'Izicamp et sa section de recherche "types d'hébergement" et "coups de coeurs"

Another big point of reflection was the selection of dates for a stay. Generally speaking, a campsite offers Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. But since Izicamp also offers private accommodations, the dates are variable depending on the owner. The results of a user's date selection could therefore vary greatly from one day to the next. So we had to think about a navigation experience that would inform the user of the number of results and guide them in their search.


Selection of interfaces

Choice of dates

Image qui représente la recherche d'une ville sur Izicamp
Image qui représente le choix du nombre de vacanciers d'Izicamp
Image qui représente le choix d'une date pour un séjour avec Izicamp

During our reflection and iteration phases, we were confronted with technical issues to make campsites and private accommodations coexist. For example, when a user is on a campsite's page, he can access the campsite's accommodations as well as those of private owners. Depending on the choice of dates, the results may vary, the options may vary or even the information may vary.

book an accomodation

Selection of interfaces


Écran de pésentation du projet Izicamp, page d'un camping
Écran présentant la prévisualisation des hébergements d'iZicamp
Écran mobile présentant les détails d'un hébergement d'un camping d'Izicamp
Écran web qui présente les résultats de camping d'Izicamp
Écran web qui montre la page détaillant un hébergement d'Izicamp
Écran mobile qui montre les résultats de camping sous forme de liste
Écran mobile qui montre les résultats de camping sur une map
Écran mobile qui montre les excursions d'Izicamp



Izicamp was an excellent project, I really enjoyed working on it because I liked the subject but the people I worked with were all very relevant and human. The complexity of the platform allowed me to understand differently my research phases, my way to bring an experience or even the way to bounce back on all the user feedbacks. I would like to thank the Izicamp and Amiltone teams who trusted me to lead this project!

Thanks to IZICamp for its trust




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