Écran du projet iZclean montrant l'interface de l'application pour réserver un wash

The application allows you to have your vehicle cleaned when you want and where you want.






Lead Designer


Creating an application that puts people wishing to have their vehicle cleaned in relation with washers ready to provide them with this service.




We had to conceive a suitable user experience for three actors : first, the customer who wishes his vehicle to be cleaned, the washer who will provide the service and finally the administrator who needs a business overview.

Further than taking into account everyone's needs and frustrations, we must also consider parameters over which we have no control, such as : the weather, the geolocation or even the professional commitment of washers, etc.  


Illustration représentant le persona utilisateur de l'application iZclean

As a customer, how can I be reassured and be confident in letting my vehicle be cleaned ?


Illustration représentant le persona washer de l'application iZclean

As a washer, what are the benefits I can perceive while working for iZclean ?


Illustration représentant le persona administrateur de l'application iZclean

As an administrator, how can I control my entire business ? How do I ensure that all interested parties can benefit from using iZclean ?




For each persona, we created an flow chart to generate journeys and convert them on interactive wireframes. These exercises were realized with the applicant and are based on our preliminary survey.

Simplified Flow chart

User - Book and follow a wash

Flow chart simplifié du parcours utilisateur pour réserver un lavage



Our biggest challenge was to reduce the consumer resistance about the service. These latter may be reluctant to entrust the upkeep of a high-value asset to people they don't know.

Experience map to generate journeys

Plusieurs écrans mettant en avant quelques wireframes conçus durant la conception de l'application



As in any relationship, transparency and communication are at the heart of mutual trust. To arrange this we imagined a product that gives the user a feeling of constant control over the situation. At any time, he can check the condition of his vehicle thanks to pictures taken by the washer before and after the prestation.

All actors can communicate with each other when necessary to reinforce this feeling of trust and to be reassured about the service.  

Transparency and communication

Selection of interfaces

For the users

Sélection d'interfaces finales de l'application dédiées aux utilisateurs d'iZclean

User tests


Overall, the navigation and the different steps of the booking process were well understood by the users. They confirmed our assumptions that being able to follow the service in real time was a reassuring element for them.

We learned that the ecological aspect is not emphasized at all in the application, some users even wondered if this aspect was really useful to the service, since we are talking about vehicle washing, and therefore polluting machines. There would then be a misalignment between the promise of the service and what it implies.

Learn and improve

Selection of interfaces

For the washers

Sélection d'interfaces finales de l'application dédiées aux washers d'iZclean



I think that iZclean has been the most formative project for me, in all aspects. At the beginning I honestly had some difficulties to translate the needs of each user into an interface that was both tailored to them and graphically appealing. In fact, it was easy to get lost in the complexity of all these journeys but as I said before, it was really formative and thanks to iZclean I learned how to prioritize and review my working methodology.  

During this project, we have taken up a number of challenge but thanks to my teammates I think I can say that we overcame them. I am proud to have been part of this project and now the next step is to make it evolve thanks to feedbacks from user tests as well as those from the client.

Thanks to izclean for his trust


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