Presentation screen of the Amiltone project. The interface highlights the Bluck Studio

Amiltone is an agency that designs and develops digital solutions by accompanying their clients in their digital transformation.




UX/UI Designer


Update the agency's website to increase its visibility and reach new clients.




This project had to suit multiple users: the first are potential clients who wish to learn about all the services offered by the agency. The navigation, the structure of the pages and their contents have been carefully thought to facilitate the understanding of all the areas of expertise.

The second target is the new talents who wish to join Amiltone. We wanted them to feel, through their research, the superb work atmosphere, the trust and the human touch of the teams or simply to give them a taste of what they can expect.

The third persona was the site administrators who will make it evolve. They come from many professional backgrounds: marketing, SEO, developers, designers or human resources.


Illustration représentant le persona utilisateur de l'application iZclean

As a prospect, how can I discover and understand Amiltone's full range of services?


Illustration représentant le persona washer de l'application iZclean

As a candidate, what are the offers and how can I get an idea of the work atmosphere?


Illustration représentant le persona administrateur de l'application iZclean

As an administrator, how can I easily make the site evolve and keep it up to date?




Amiltone is an experienced agency rooted in the digital universe of Lyon. We imagined a new graphic identity to adapt it to the new site. The idea was to keep the essence of the agency and its rosette while bringing them up to date. It was thanks to a collaborative work between designers and illustrators, that together we imagined this new logo.


Logo and its anatomy

Image that highlights the logos designed for Amiltone and their anatomy



Our biggest challenge was to meet the needs of all our targets through an experience and design that is sustainable, accessible and maintainable. We created a design system specific to the project to be able to easily evolve the site afterwards. The idea was to collaborate with many actors from different areas (SEO, development, design, illustration) to build a solid foundation and consistency in the experience we wanted to offer.

design for wordpress

Selection of interfaces

Desktop and mobile

Web interface that illustrates the Bluck studio of the Amiltone agency
Écran mobile qui représente le menu de navigation en responsive
Web interface that illustrates the artificial intelligence pole of the Amiltone agency
Presentation screen of the Amiltone project. The interface highlights the Bluck Studio
Écran mobile qui introduit la page "qui sommes-nous" d'Amiltone
Écran mobile qui présente les chiffres clés de l'agence Amiltone
Écran mobile qui présente la data factory de l'agence Amiltone
Web interface that illustrates the page dedicated to the commitments of the Amiltone agency
Web interface that illustrates the digital factory of the Amiltone agency



Working on this project taught me a lot and I really enjoyed bringing my ideas to the agency. It was the first time I worked with so many people from different professional backgrounds. We had to understand each other's business issues and move forward together so that everyone could see themselves in what we were doing. The biggest challenge, in my opinion, that we had to overcome in terms of UX, was that of navigation on mobile: after many iterations, I think we were able to meet the needs!

Thanks to amiltone for its trust