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Alpes Road is a rental vehicles agency. It offers you the opportunity to drive prepared vans to discover the Alpes or rent a private driver for transfers.




With a developer


Web designer / UX Designer


Designing the entire graphic identity of Alpes Road and creating a website that allows its customers to book a driver for their trip in the Alps. The applicant also wanted to develop a new service: offering its customers the possibility of booking a van fitted out to explore the Alps.




Everything had to be built for this partner, but the subject was particularly appealing to me because I have lived in the heart of the Alps since I was a child.

I had to combine at the same time, the grandeur of these mountains with the narrow roads that oscillate inside them and the notion of a van and private driver. In addition to this exercise, the whole booking system of these different services had to be apprehended and distinguished.


Illustration représentant le persona utilisateur de l'application iZclean

As a customer, how can I book a driver or a van for my holidays ?


Illustration représentant le persona washer de l'application iZclean

As a driver, what are the benefits I can perceive while working for Alpes Road ?


Illustration représentant le persona administrateur de l'application iZclean

As an administrator, how can I control my entire business ? How do I ensure that all interested parties can benefit from using Alpes Road ?




The developer, a travel enthusiast, volunteered to experience being a driver for a weekend. We learned a lot from it: about driver’s working conditions, the needs of the end customers or the vehicles used and their characteristics. Many tests were conducted to combine all the aspects that surrounded the project but also the technology we were going to use, namely, Wordpress.


Logo and its declination

Présentation du logo imaginé pour Alpes Road



Once the logo and the graphic framework had been validated, the interfaces were quickly created. This was possible thanks to a close collaboration with the developer in order to adapt the user experience both for the different users but also for the technical possibilities that Wordpress offered us. It was therefore necessary to find plugins for the management of the booking calendar, payment possibilities, availability of each driver linked with a certain number of vehicles, etc. 

design for wordpress

Selection of interfaces


Page d'accueil d'Alpes Road et son champs de recherche et la présentation de l'entreprise
Barre de recherche du site Alpes Road
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Page d'entrée sur le site d'Alpes Road qui permet de choisir entre une location d'un van ou d'un chauffeur
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Page qui présente l'entreprise Alpes Road
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Alpes Road was my very first freelance client. I think it made me realize how much work needs to be done for an e-commerce site. For this project, I also learned how to find the right words to get the client, who was very distant from the digital world, across our entire approach. Honestly, retrospectively, if I had to redo this project, I would do it in a completely different way, but it was so formative for me that I am proud to show you the work done for this very first client ! Unfortunately, the project never saw the light of day due to a lack of time and resources within Alpes Road.

Thanks to Alpes road for his trust




System is a design system specially conceived and designed for the Amiltone agency. It is composed of more than 6,000 modular components.

Design system
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